2 Chainz Inspires Boston Red Sox Players’ Haircuts

The Boston Red Sox are apparently Team 2 Chainz. Bean town’s World Series contenders revealed that their celebration track after every victory is 2 Chainz’ club smash “I’m Different” and even inspired the unofficial motto found on their shirts “Three Lines, 2 Chainz, One Goal.”

According to FanSided, several players shave three lines into the back of their heads behind their left ear. The lines each represent a different item for the team.

Veteran infielder John McDonald found it easy to shave in the lines. “When you have something good like that, it’s easy to all be on board,” he said. “When you talk about chemistry, there’s a lot of different things that add to it, add to the enjoyment of being around the group of people that are having fun. You want to be part of it and add to it and enjoy it.”

This isn’t the first time the Red Sox have started a hair trend; they all have grown out their beards in the name of team spirit.