20 Underrated Albums From 1993

Enter The 36 Chambers. Midnight Marauders. Enta Da Stage. ’93 ‘Til Infinity. Doggystyle. So many classic albums dropped in 1993 that it proved to be a turning point in hip-hop. N.W.A had disbanded and Dre had taken over the land with The Chronic a year before. The world was introduced to Wu-Tang, forever entwining weird rappers with mainstream acceptance.

The national rap scene was splintering at breakneck speed as the technology spread and more styles gave way to more experimentation. Crazy rappers got crazier; jazzy rappers got jazzier. Any chance of a dominant sound had fractured across regions by the time 1993 rolled around. We decided to dig into the archives and talk about 20 of the Best Underrated Rap Albums from 1993. Take a trip down memory lane with us.