The 21 Best Lines On Pusha T’s ‘My Name Is My Name’ To Use As Status Updates

Pusha T’s known to spew a “yugch” line or two. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper’s new solo set, My Name Is My Name (in stores today) is filled with the type of one-liners that leave your face all screwed. They also happen to be perfect for status updates (Drake knows all about this). We know you need help expressing yourself, so copy and paste the following to your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and stunt.

“This is my time, this is my hour”

“Might have to headbutt your Evelyn”

“Givenchy fittin’ like it’s gym clothes”

“I might sell a brick on my birthday”

“Came from the bottom, no one said it would be fair”

“We ain’t the same color clarity of diamond, nigga”

“Pain in my heart, it’s as black as my skin”

“So I’m labeled the rebel, nigga get on my level”

“We were born to be kings, only major league teams”

“My nonchalant attitude is always fuck it”

“I’ll probably never pull your chair out, bitch”