5 Tips to Help Boost Your Sex Game!


black berries

With the daily stresses of life, relationships and work, sex may not be high on your to-do list these days. Your boyfriend is probably complaining about this seasonal drought period and you’ve had zero energy in reviving your sex life. There may not be any real cemented tell-tale signs that your sex drive is dwindling, but according to experts, there are a few remedies to help boost your libido, getting you back into action. Flip the pages to check out the top five ways to restore your sex drive

1.  Black Berries

According to sexperts, black berries are key fruits to assist with getting you in the mood and increase that abandoned sex drive. The phytochechemical-rich fruit is reported to enhance both your libido and sex endurance for those late nights. Recommended to eat at least 8 berries before any heavy action.

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