6 Ways to Avoid Your Next Natural Hairstyle Disaster

Charcoal Ink

Who knew how many cute natural hairstyles were out there that deliver bouncy curls and fun waves — thanks YouTube! How many times have you sat through a five minute hair tutorial and decided that style was “easy”, only for your attempt to go down in flames? Well, never again! We’ve broken down the common mistakes responsible for frizzy disaster do’s and easy solutions!

Let it dry!

If you’ve gambled on a flexi rod set or bantu knots before bed time only to unravel floppy, wet curls the next morning, then you understand how maddening it could be. How could 8 hours not be enough time to dry?! When you add water, product and intricate twists into the equation you have a recipe for frizz unless you let it dry. Set aside 12-24 hours to devote to your style or a little extra cash to put towards a hooded dryer and you’ll be in business.