50 Cent Talks Upcoming Projects on ‘Kelly and Michael’

50 Cent made his way to daytime television this morning on Kelly and Michael. In the candid interview, Fif chats about visiting the New York City Ballet, the return of retro hairstyles, and two new projects. The rapper also talked fatherhood to his son, Marquise, who will be 17 — yes, 17 — years old this month.

“Im at that point where I’m not really that cool,” he shared. “I’m cool ‘cause his friends think I’m cool. He thinks he knows everything and wants to tell me what to do.”

Dabbling back into his acting career, the rapper discussed his upcoming role in the movie Escape Plan alongside action icons Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

“I spent so much time watching them that [Stallone] would walk past me and I’d be like ‘Yo that’s Rambo,’” he told the show’s hosts.

50 also plugged his reality series on Sundance, Dream School, which surrounds high school students — including two teen parents and a transgender — overcoming obstacles to graduate under the rapper’s guidance.

“It was previously a success in the UK, so I wanted to kind of bring this actual project to the US,” he explained. “It’s about 15 actual high school dropouts that we bring into a new scenario. And it’s a dream sequence because they get a chance to actually graduate based on actual credits.”

Watch the 50 Cent’s full interview on Kelly and Michael above.