7 Ways Mase Is Still Making An Impact On Rap


It’s been almost 10 years—yes, 10 years!—since Mase released his last album, Welcome Back, in 2004. And yet, he’s still very relevant when it comes to rap. It’s not because he’s actually doing a lot of rapping these days, though. It’s also not because he’s running a record label or playing any sort of real role in the rap game. Rather, it’s because the influence that Mase had on rap almost a decade ago is still going strong in a variety of ways.

Don’t believe us? Just go and listen to Pusha T’s new song, “Let Me Love You,” where Pusha does a spot-on impression of Mase. On the second verse, Pusha sounds so convincing that we had to run it back the first time we heard it to make sure that it wasn’t actually Mase making a guest appearance. But that’s not the only impact that Mase is making right now. Just check out these 7 ways that Betha is still making an impact on rap.

Photo Credit: Dopeclusive