Allen Iverson Joins Instagram

Fans currently following @realallenIverson on Instagram may be disappointed to find out the account is a fraud. The “real” Allen Iverson recently joined the popular filtered-photo sharing site and has yet to accumulate as many followers as the counterfeit. The dynamic point guard and future hall-of-famer shared an image of himself as a rookie for his first post.

“1996 was a great year! My dreams began to unfold! #Blessed #PhillyLoveForever #FromAIWithLove,” reads the caption to the picture. Iverson has since shared a current photo of himself, in Indonesia at the LA Lights Streetball Finale.

“The Answer” also mentions that a new version of his iconic Reebok sneaker will be released on November 11th. Iverson is expected to retire from his original team, the Philadelphia 76ers prior to their first game of the season on October 30th. Follow the real AI’s account, @theofficialai3 now!