Azealia Banks Cuts Festival Set Short After Nearly Getting Hit With Beer Can

It wasn’t Azealia Banks’ motor mouth that landed her in trouble during her set at Melbourne, Australia’s Listen Out Festival this past weekend. The Harlemite exited the stage after performing 90 seconds of her Pharrell-produced cut “ATM Jam” after a festival-goer nearly pelted her with a beer can.

“The incident made Azealia and her stage crew feel unsafe,” Banks’ rep says. The “212” songstress then issued an apology on Twitter before saying that she would be better prepared next go-round.

“Sorry to all the festival-goers in Melbourne !!!!! See ya tomorrow in Brisbane !!!!!,” she wrote. “The can definitely didn’t hit me…..and I definitely still got paid. More press please, and thank you. -Xx AB Next time. I’m bringing a tennis racket on stage.”

Watch her storm off stage above.