‘Basketball Wives’ Finale Recap: Kenya Returns, Suzie Fights, And Is This The End?


Basketball Wives
Season 5, Episode 10

A few weeks ago, I offered to take a trip to Walmart and secure the firearm needed to put Basketball Wives out of its misery. I’d like to update that proposal. I am willing to buy this show the Ginsu knife collection, a couple boxes of Ambien and a map to the nearest and tallest bridge. Whatever it takes, just end this suffering. Yes, there have been some highlights in this abridged season of the fledgling VH1 franchise, but last night’s season finale all but confirmed that the show has been stagnant for too long and no longer works.

Will VH1 cancel the show? I doubt it. If anything, they’ll probably try to retool the show with a mostly new group that will fail miserably at trying to top their predecessors. Until then, let’s wrap this up properly, shall we? —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

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