Bloomberg’s “I’m A Girl” Campaign

Mayor Bloomberg's I'm A Girl campaign

We live in a society where the female body is constantly under a microscope, 1-4% of young women suffer from eating disorders, and women are at the center of sexual objectification. It’s no surprise that many of our young girls suffer from low self-esteem and other psychological and physical problems. Mayor Bloomberg is geared up to combat low self-esteem in young girls through his NYC Girls Project.

The $330,000 campaign is the first female-body-image battle to be carried out by a major city. The campaign was initiated by Bloomberg’s deputy press secretary Samantha Levine, who was partially inspired by Dear Sugar advice columnist Cheryl Strayed’s thoughts that “a failure of feminism was that women still worried about what their asses looked like in jeans,” NY Mag reports.

The project targets girls ages 7 to 12. Bloomberg’s office will fight pop culture’s impossible standards of beauty with the “I’m A Girl,” campaign (hashtag #ImAGirl). The campaign will feature 21 non-professional models, including daughters of city employees. The girls will list their positive attributes (“caring”, “a leader,” “creative”) before ending with the slogan “I’m beautiful the way I am.” The NYC Girls Project is equipped with physical-fitness classes and self-esteem-boosting after school programs. We’re definitely all about empowering our girls so we love this campaign. What do you think vixens?

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