Celebrity Hairstylist Faatemah Talks Beauty Trends, Hot Products and Protective Styles

We’ve been obsessed with finding the best beauty trends forever and we have no plans to change. Luckily celebrity hairstylist Faatemah Ampey is one bad chick who knows her craft and was nice enough to share a few tricks of the trade. She’s earned international recognition as a North American Hairstyling Award (NAHA) three-time nominee and award winner for the 2009 Fashion Forward category. You may have even seen her on TV as this Minneapolis-based stylist has worked on commercials for ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC and even appeared on Bravo’s Shear Genius.

Read on to grab some last minute Halloween makeup tips and learn what trends she’s feeling this season!

VIBE Vixen: So you’re a part of a team that predicts the trends in fashion. How exciting!
Faatemah: Yes, I am a founding member of the elite Intercoiffure America/Canada’s Artistic Council. I went to Paris and we all sat down in a big room and they gave us a lot of information. Everything from where technology is going, agriculture, colors for the next two years. It’s a lot of conversation about where is the new woman going? Who is she and how does she relate to a changing economy? How does money affect fashion decisions? We shot a collection based off of that information.

What trends are huge for next year?
One is androgyny, which is going to be huge in 2014! Also, men styling is coming to the forefront. So now, there’s this mixture of masculine/femininity, which both groups are doing at the same time. Women’s haircuts are men’s haircuts with a softer edge right now.

In terms of hair, the haircuts you have traditionally seen on men you’re now seeing on women, just styled different. We’ll be seeing a lot more of that. One, for the ease of it, and two, just because women now have been given the freedom to still feel feminine yet redefining what women are. We are wives and we are career-driven people. We’ve learned to do all of these things and not apologize over it. These cuts make us feel a certain way and embody a certain strength.

What else do you predict for next year?
I’m always into all things retro. I love this natural movement with sisters, we’ve moved away from that black Barbie look and moved more towards the soft, naturalistic vibe. Rockabilly-inspired hair is trending for natural hair. Things like that are coming to the forefront with black women.

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