Celebrity Hairstylist Faatemah Talks Beauty Trends, Hot Products and Protective Styles

faatemah ampeyWhat styling products are you getting into for the rest of this year and next?

I like Aestelance, it’s a hair care line that was designed with the principles of skin care—you can cleanse, moisturize and restore. It works for everyone. They have a mud mask for relaxed hair that will change your life. It requires no heat. They also have a leave-in balm, which is great for natural or curly hair. Another thing that’s huge is Argan oil.

What are some ways women can maintain the health of their hair for the colder months?
I think that we need more low maintenance/restorative hairstyles. For the fall I would focus a lot more on accessories and not put a lot of heat into the hair. Less is more as it gets colder. Our hair struggles so much during this time so think of styles to negate adding heat to your hair. Rollersets and twist outs are my go to styles for winter. Go to my YouTube page and learn a bunch of ways to achieve professional hairstyles for natural and relaxed. The Josie is really popular!

For Halloween, what are some quick styles that women can wear for any kind of look?
While I do not celebrate Halloween, I do know that vixens tend to overwork their hair for special occasions and holidays. This Halloween, women should be inspired by television, music and film while protecting your hair. If you’re looking for a low budget look and don’t mind showing some skin, dress up like Miley Cyrus. She is easy to duplicate — with two knotted pony tails, undergarments and deuces in the air you are ready! For something lower cost, just grab a bandana, camouflage gear and a fake beard and represent the men of Duck Dynasty. If you are a fashion conscious, I recommend the Great Gatsby theme. You can purchase a bob wig, accessorize with a scarf, and you’re half way there. Whatever you do, stay safe and be fabulous!

In terms of hair, what colors should we be getting into for the season?
We’re going to start seeing a lot of synthetic pigments; which are things that are soft. Pastel hues like pastel pink, purple, blue, green, orange and other similar shades that look both daring and elegant.

What about the women corporate careers who can’t do the purple hair? What colors work?
Ombre is still going to be in. Right now, I’ve been doing what I call signature colors; which is finding the focal point on a woman’s face and highlighting it. Find out your best feature and figure out how to draw that out. Just stick to some real soft nuances of color. Nothing right now with color is forced at all; it should be soft and effortless.

Are you involved in anything else for the remainder of the year?
I have a big show in LA coming up. I’m getting ready for the International Salon and Spa Expo(ISSE) this January. It is the largest beauty event on the West Coast! My class Trending With Texture will help take the fear out styling natural hair for black women.

For more information on Faatemah, visit faatemah.com.

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