Chris Brown’s 10 Most Controversial Moments This Year (So Far)

Why can’t Chris Brown stay out of trouble? No, really, that’s a serious question. Why in the world can’t he just go to the studio, make music, and STAY OUT OF TROUBLE? It seems like it should be sooooooo easy. Most recently, he got arrested early Sunday morning after he allegedly punched a man in the face outside of the W Hotel in Washington D.C. And now, he’s been hit with misdemeanor charges for it and he’s reportedly entering rehab.

Unfortunately, we don’t see this being the last time Chris Brown makes headlines this year for doing something negative, either. Over the past 10 months or so, he’s said and done one controversial thing after another. Check out his 10 most controversial moments of 2013 so far. We really don’t want to see him add to this list.

Photo Credit: Reuters