Daz Dillinger Claims ‘GTA V’ Stole His Music, Plans Lawsuit

Usually it’s Daz who does the jacking, but this time the tables are turned, as The DPG member claims that Rockstar Games stole two of his songs, “C-Walk” and “Nothin But The Cavi Hit”, for Grand Theft Auto 5 without his permission.

The rapper claims that Rockstar offered him a total of $4,271 for the use of both songs, but he demanded a better deal and wants to see every unsold copy of the game destroyed if he’s not satisfied. It might be a matter of the label receiving the licensing fee for Daz’s music, as it’s currently unclear whether or not he really owns the rights to the songs.

However, sources say the West Coast legend has all the proper documentation and doesn’t plan to back down in his pursuit.