Deadmau5 Drops More New Music Suggesting Banger Album In The Works

If you’re a diehard deadmau5 fan, then you know he has something big up his sleeves in the form of banger album (or EP at best). For the duration of this year, his Soundcloud account (aptly titled ‘fuckmylife’) has featured snippets of new music straight out of his studios, including some vocal tracks laid down by ex-gf, Kat Von D. Then last night, after months of being a tease, Joel finally gave us some action with the final cuts of two new tracks – “Phantoms Can’t Hang” and “Avaritia.” So could this be the beginnings of Album Title Goes Here: Part 2? I guess we’ll just have to wait and hope the whole idea doesn’t ‘get scraped.’

Photo credit: Getty Images