Did Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame Shade Kim Kardashian’s Request For A Star?

In his highly-quotable sit-down with Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye West publicly asked the Hollywood Walk of Fame to consider giving his boo Kim Kardashian her own star. A rep from the tourist hotspot has in fact entertained the inquiry, and in nicer terms, has chosen to respectfully decline.

According to NY Daily News, the wildly popular socialite with a staggeringly large empire doesn’t exactly qualify for the marble honor. “We don’t have a category for reality stars on the Walk of Fame,” the landmark’s spokeswoman Ana Martinez said to the news outlet. “They’re not giving a performance, it’s just them going through their daily lives and rituals on TV. We honor people who’ve acted in or directed or produced an award-winning show or film. And it’s the same with music, people who maybe have gold records.”


Photo Credit: ibtimes.com