Diddy Says ‘Revolt TV’ Will Be Number One In Music TV


Diddy is on a press blitz for his new music TV channel Revolt, slated to debut tonight at 8:00 PM ET. This morning, he hit HOT97 to discuss what it’s all about.

The mogul claims that roughly 80% of the channel’s content will be music videos, but they’ll be carefully curated and presented in a much different way than they have been on traditional music channels. He talks about how music is as big (if not bigger) than the sports world, but there isn’t nearly as much journalistic depth given to music on television, and Revolt will have unprecedented access to a wide range of artists.

Diddy ended by reaching out to any and all talented creatives out there who want to be a part of Revolt TV. They’re looking to work with as many driven and artistic young people as possible, especially those good with visuals.

Revolt is channel 105 on Time Warner Cable (and 692 in HD), so make sure to tune in tonight to see what Diddy has prepared for his next huge venture.