Dipset Music Banned From 40/40 Club?

Cam’ron has been keeping the blogosphere busy. From debuting a web series earlier this month titled 1st Of The Month to (finally!) dropping his mixtape Ghetto Heaven, Vol. 1, the Diplomats MC has also been putting his relationship with Jay Z on-record following a name-drop on Drake’s “Pound Cake.”

“I’ve done made more millionaires than the lotto did … Lyor made millions/ Cam made millions,” Hov raps.

While Killa Cam insists he had the bread way before he met Jay on “Come and Talk To Me,” he wonders why the Brooklyn Boy may have ill will towards the Harlem rapper, to the point where Dipset’s records don’t even get play at 40/40, he alleged.

“It’s ridiculous. I got DJs who DJ in there, who are my people and you can’t play no Diplomat music in there. Will we irk you that much,” Cam told MTV News. “That’s the thing that make me be like, ‘Wow.’ Because I don’t care, I like it, because if I had $500,000 million nothing can make me mad. But just for the simple fact that we get under your skin that much good because we’re that fly, we’re that flashy, and we just that type of people to get you upset. But I don’t have any problem with him, I think it’s cool, but c’mon.”

Watch the full interview below.