Drake’s 10 Best Lyrical References To NBA Players

From LeBron James to Chris Paul, Drake has name-dropped a number of NBA players in his songs. Nearly every NBA superstar and even a few guys you might not necessarily expect him to shout out. But now that Drake is officially running with the Toronto Raptors—the team named Drizzy their “Global Ambassador” on Monday—we don’t expect that trend to continue.

From here on out, the only NBA players that Drake will be name-dropping will be Raptors players like Rudy Gay, DeMar DeRozan and Landry Fields. But to prove to you that Drake did used to big-up NBA players outside of the city of Toronto, we dug through some of his old lyrics to find his 10 best references to ballers in his songs. Who will he compare himself to now that 97 percent of NBA players are off-limits to him?! He might want to rethink this whole Raptors thing…

Photo Credit: SportsGrid