Entourage Movie Confirmed By Cast And Crew

After contract negotiations were finalized for the new Entourage film, creator Doug Ellin wasted no time and tweeted “It’s a go. Love you all” along with a picture of the cast.

The popular HBO series, which ended back in 2011, is set to hit the big screen next year with filming starting in January. Deadline reported that every actor has now agreed to terms but the details of the contract are still unclear.

Despite Warner Bros giving the Entourage movie the go ahead back in January, negotiations have supposedly been full of drama, delaying the process. Jeremy Piven reportedly signed a deal in August entitling him to a cut of the backend money, making other cast members hungry for a piece of the pie too.

However, on the Wendy Williams Show, cast member Jerry Ferrara (who played Turtle on the show) denied these claims saying that the delay was more about scheduling than money: “Athletes hold out when they have a contract they don’t want to honor. No one’s holding out. It just takes a little time. We’re actually on schedule.”