First Listen: E-Raze featuring Byron Stingily ‘Can’t Help It’

“I didn’t realize that when I shine, the jealousy of my life causes you to go blind…” And so goes Byron Stingily’s sermon to the hating class on his shady new single, “Can’t Help It.” Long respected as part of the true school that built Chicago house, Stingily’s warm, silky falsetto still raises all the requisite R&B/Gospel goosebumps as he did on “That’s The Way Love Is” with Ten City in 1989.

The original deep house version of his backhanded mea culpa builds slowly, layering Stingly’s soulful vocals over extended strings, a padded tempo, and muted throwback piano house. The master edit adds a Garage bounce to the rhythm, kicking a bit of cha-cha sass into the tempo right out the gate. The radio edit’s stripped down mix of rubbery pings, cymbal splashes, rat-tat-tat rhythm, cosmic synth stretches, and Stingily’s buttery hooks make it perfect for a twilight simmer.

Don’t hate Stingily for being legendary. After all, as he repeatedly confesses on “Can’t Help It”, he never asked for it.

“Can’t Help It” is out on Jumpstart Digital UK in October/November 2013.

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