The Game Talks The Robin Hood Project, Trayvon Martin, Dr. Dre’s Album And More With Larry King

Rapper The Game sat down with OG journalist Larry King on Larry King Now to discuss finding the Robin Hood Project to help those in need and achieve his goal of raising $1 million in donations. Jayceon Taylor also sets the record straight about being misrepresented as Trayvon Martin on Instagram and being upset about the outcome of the Zimmerman trial. He also discusses how his rap moniker was a nickname from his grandmother, and delves into growing up under child protective services in Compton as well as being a gang member of the Bloods as a teen.

Game also speaks on Dr. Dre being a role model and the status of the music mogul’s long-awaited comeback album. “You know what Dre’s album is like the Jesus of music, you’re just waiting on it to come back,” he says. Watch the loaded interview where he expands on fatherhood changing his life and his musical evolution above.