Gentlemen’s Corner: Nelly Talks Album “Mo” and New Season of RHOH


VIBE Vixen: I’ve been listening to M.O. all day and its different. It’s very versatile.

Thank you sweetheart. Yeah it is—it’s been three years since I put out music. Especially when you can’t go three months without putting out music. I kind of did like three years. So we know the expectations can’t be through the roof right now. So, we going to let the people know we out here and we gone continue to smash with good, innovative music.

You have a different sound. Which is rare. You did a country song and now you have Nelly Furtado on it. What causes you to ask for these different features with other people?

I love to create with people. I love collaborating and getting different takes on things. You know, getting something new.

You’ve been in the game for a long time now. Do you think it’s harder or easier to get your album released?

Well it’s easy to get the album out. But, it’s a different time. If you’re not putting out music every three months, then it’s a little rough and now you’re talking about someone with me doing other stuff its been like three year and now trying to get back into it. It’s a different mindset for someone like myself as opposed to someone who’s new in the game this system is all they know. But it is what it is. Its nothing to complain about.

Now your album is called MO.

Yep it’s called all that MO “M” “O”

What inspired you to call it that?

It’s where I’m from. The abbreviation for Missouri is MO and close family and friends a lot of people call me MO. It’s also a method of operation and it’s just me doing me all in one.

Oh, that’s dope. Now do you think you got personal on any of these tracks or is it a good listen.

I think I was trying to bring something that wasn’t in place at the time as far as the sound of the music. I don’t know if I got too personal or anything like that but I think we tried to be innovative.

Lets talk about the Kendrick Lamar verse on “Control.” Did you feel any pressure with him coming out with that or was it just like another rapper?

Nah. I like Kendrick Lamar. He’s cool. Kendrick is of this generation when it comes to music. When you think of it like that his thought process is … even though he’s a cool dude. He’s a product of today. I don’t think he has any intent of malice but he’s like this is what I do.