Gentlemen’s Corner: Nelly Talks Album “Mo” and New Season of RHOH


Out of all your albums what has been your favorite track?

I mean you love ‘em all. If you go back to my first album “Loving Me” was very special to me off of my Country Grammar “Die for You” from Sweat Suit because it incorporated my kids. Those are very special to me. When you listen to Nelly you want the party going Nelly, but those records that speak to my heart are very special to me and that’s all good I don’t take it personal that’s just the way it is.

Now you didn’t have any features with Chocolate Drop will he be on anything.

[Laughs] Nah, nah. I can’t afford Chocolate Drop he’s going to do his own thing.

Speaking on that are you excited about the new season coming up?

Yeah the new season is through the roof. I hope it goes the way it needs to go. I’m sure it will because we put a lot of work into it.

Are people constantly surprised that you’re as funny as you are, because people only see you as a rapper?

If you really know me, you know I joke all the time. I like to keep things positive throughout situations. We work it out.

I know the show has significant others. Will you be featuring a leading lady?

[Laughs] I don’t know about that. You have to check it out and see what happens.

I guess we’ll keep that one up in the air. Now you’re very fit. How important is it for a lady to keep her body fit?

I think it’s important for everybody to keep their body on point. If you’re involved with somebody you gotta have very similar views on a lot of things. Sometimes if your views aren’t up to par it can cause a rift. Staying in shape is important to me and I would want someone to have a similar view compared to someone who doesn’t give a damn.

How do you keep in shape with your busy schedule?

You gotta make working out a part of your life instead of an inconvenience. You know some people are like ‘Oh I gotta go to the gym and I gotta do this, I gotta do that’ and their going to always find an excuse not to go down the line. But if you make it a part of your life and understand what it is it will go well and you’ll be able to work within it.

What qualities in a lady  do you look for?

Ambition. You want someone who knows what they want. Who understands that success can only be had by determination and a strong work ethic not a cry baby. I hate cry babies.

Is that how you live your life?

Yeah and it’s what I teach my kids too because you can spend so much time dwelling on what happened or you can use that time on how to fix it and how to get over it. That’s why I say have your moment and get it out the way now let’s figure out how to fix this.

You can’t cry over spilled milk.

Not for so long. You can have your moment. We all have our moments.