Hairstylist Shunika Terry Talks How She Styled Hair for TLC ‘Crazy Sexy Cool’ Biopic

TLC_BiopicThere was a little bit of controversy in terms of the girls not looking like the actual TLC, did you ever worrying if their hair styles would be an issue on the screen?
Not really because when you’re portraying someone else a lot of times they don’t look exactly like the person that we’re trying to create. I was very confident in creating the looks for the girls. I had already worked with Keke in the past so I had already had a plan of attack for her look. With Lil Mama, when I met her she was totally blonde and of course she has those very light eyes. When I checked out her hair and put my hands through it and combed it out it worked out that her natural length was just like Left Eye’s. Drew Sidora has a nice amount of hair. I braided up the top of her hair, because we had a lot of different types of hair because T-Boz had all those different types of haircuts and hair colors.

Who was the hardest person to transform? 
I can definitely say the most thought out hairstyle was Chili.

Out of the three she wore the simplest styles but we had to make sure that texture was right to play up Chili’s texture. I didn’t want Keke to wear a wig or lace fronts. It makes a difference to pull off realness.

So, how did you get the baby hair?
That’s all Keke’s baby hair. Of course you know she’s had some extension put in and we used a nice little technique. The front was pulled back into a ponytail, that’s all of Keke’s hair. I felt that it just wouldn’t feel real to put on a lacefront for baby hair. I’m very protective on edges you know the front of people’s hair so I didn’t want to apply the adhesive for the lacefront, especially when I know that she has the hair to mimic Chili’s hair. We went through three different era’s in one day. It’s really crazy we could be shooting one day, in the morning 2011 and a couple of hours later we’re shooting 1993.

Wow! How many overall looks did you do for them?
Keke probably had about three or four looks. If you think about it, when you first met Chili with the group it was the long hair and it was either straight sometimes or wavy it was either with the bandana on or half up and half down. Then we step up Drew, who played T-Boz. I had about nine different wigs for her. I remember prepping those wigs for her and adding blonde and adding roots you know just to make it believable and the cuts on them. I mean it was days when I probably had a six am call time but I was up until 3:30 am.

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