Howard Homecoming 2013: Epic…Fail?

howard homecoming

Like a champ, I managed to cram some work in before heading to our next outing: the tailgate. This is when I finally felt the camaraderie so many Howard alum speak of. Even as an outsider, I felt a part of something bigger than me as people ran from spot to spot tackling friends they hadn’t seen since last year’s festivities. After making new acquaintances, I ended up seeing an old childhood friend hundreds of miles from where we last saw each other. Turns out it was a homecoming event, even for a newbie like me.

Before I could catch my breath for the first time all weekend, we were packed in a car and on our way to Hennypalooza. In case the name doesn’t give it away, this was yet another opportunity to drink liquor like water and give my best video vixen impression. Unfortunately, we never made it, but a quick detour landed us at the “Howard House Party.” While I thought the space was a bit cramped, I managed to have a good time…and I was sober! People were crammed and the ground shook (literally); making for an “epic” scene.

As I catch up on sleep and reflect, I can say that the trip was worth while. I may not be an alum, but that  didn’t keep me from having an amazing time. At the end of the day, it’s the camaraderie and dare I say—family like atmosphere (spiked with Ciroc)—that attracts not just its students, but celebrities and outsiders. Sure it’s epic, but was it also an epic fail? All in all, I don’t think so.