Instagram Previews New Ads

With sponsored tweets on Twitter and those pesky pre-video ads on YouTube, Instagram has now followed suit and will be incorporating ads into your photo map. The photo-sharing platform announced the coming of the paid posts three weeks ago and offered a first look at the ad pics in a blog post Thursday (Oct. 24).

The sponsored ‘grams will be identified by a blue arrow and the word “sponsored” at the top, with a more button in the bottom right corner that will provide additional options to hide an ad or give feedback on why you didn’t “like” it.

You can expect popular brand names like Ben & Jerry’s and Levi’s, who are already equipped with Instagram accounts, to partake in the advertisement takeover, which is a step up from its social site parent Facebook who clogs up timelines with campaigns for everything from dating services to shopping sites.

In an effort to get you to double tap, Instagram will tailor its ads based on your interests but the 18-and-below crowd lucks out as ads will only show on the maps of users above the legal age.

via CNN

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