Interview: B Smyth Talks ‘The Florida Files’ EP, R. Kelly’s Influence And More

As the R&B genre continues to evolve, fresh new faces like B Smyth are leading the way into the new age of rhythm and blues. Smyth burst onto the scene this year, after releasing the uptempo tune “Leggo” featuring 2 Chainz. The Ft. Lauderdale native just released his debut album The Florida Files and VIBE caught up with Motown’s newest sensation to talk about the album, his rise to stardom, and R. Kelly’s influence.

“I’m really excited about The Florida Files,” says Smyth. “I’m from Florida, born and raised… really, I just want to bring back feel good music. Music is all about a feeling, if you don’t feel nothing then what are you doing it for really?”

“The songs that are on the EP will take you to a different place,” he added.

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