Interview: Benoit & Sergio Give EDM Some ‘Adjustments’

The EDM culture can at times seem like a popularity contest by many who perhaps lack in actual musical or cultural substance, becoming more than just simple figures or images but rather fame-hungry personalities. DC based duo Benoit & Sergio have not allowed the circus outside their world affect the quality of the their music, and their newest EP, ‘Adjustments,’ further proves the carefree vibe the two boys portray.

Benj (aka Sergio) lays down some interesting vocals on the EP’s A-side track, “Adjustments,” and while faint at times it projects one profound verse: “Sometimes these DJ’s don’t understand.” Although we agree there are certain things we believe modern day DJ’s struggle to grasp, there is some needed clarification for these lyrics. Sergio described to us:

“I mean, first of all, we don’t want to start any controversy on the track saying DJs don’t know what they’re doing. But sometimes… when we were at Wavefront in Chicago, we were walking by the mainstage with this kid Eli from Soul Clap, and every 16 bars or so there was a DJ doing like a massive filter sweep or reverb. The DJs were never really letting people dance. So that insinuates how we just want to let people dance uninterrupted every 16 bars with some massive delay. So it came from that a little bit.”

Although chemistry amongst musical groups is usually expressed through interviews, it is rarely the case as many seem to follow the lead of the close circle’s most dominate individual. With Benoit & Sergio, the give and take the two feed off each other is so apparent and clear, it was apparent they both had a hard time putting their musical compatibility into words: “It’s like any relationship really. Like, why do you like some girlfriends and love others? There is something about that person – music is the same thing.” Sergio claims.

And when it comes to moving forward, Benoit finds their growth to be equally telling of their chemistry: “Even when it comes to evolving, we usually do so very well. Yea it’s kind of weird. It’s like we are always on the same page without much talking.”

As far as what they portray to the outside world according to Twitter, Facebook or any other form of social media presence, the duo doesn’t seem all too worried about what numbers they rake in, just as long as people are dancing. “You know what? I tend to not worry about those things. You know, you used to look at how many SoundCloud plays or YouTube hits there are, and who’s blogging, but now we don’t worry about that stuff,” Benoit claims.

For the two, it’s more about the proverbial thumbs up they get from the crowd during their live shows. “When you play a track that nobody has ever heard of because you’ve only played it in one other city, people freak out. That’s way more fulfilling than having a million plays on YouTube that nobody gives a sh*t about when you play it live. So for me it’s super fulfilling when playing tracks like ‘Shake Shake’ and people respond,” Sergio adds.