Interview: BMX Rider Nigel Sylvester Talks Pharrell, A$AP Ferg And Brooklyn Machine Works

No matter where he’s headed, Nigel Sylvester stays moving. The pro-BMX rider recently tag teamed with chart-topping beatsmith/ creative visionary Pharrell for Brooklyn Machine Works, a collaboration that was born organically.

“If you know Pharrell’s past, he’s not brand new to the whole bike thing,” he tells VIBE of the Head-Nerd-In-Chief. “He has multiple videos where he’s actually riding on BMX bikes so he’s been embracing the culture for a long time.”

The Queens-born BMXer also discusses being raised in Brooklyn, how he rolled around with A$AP Ferg before he became known for his “Work” and what he hopes to accomplish on his wild rides. Watch the interview above.