INTERVIEW: Erik Laray Harvey Talks ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ Chalky White & Little Known Facts

The New York University trained thespian sits down with VIBE to talk about his Dunn Purnsley persona, his time on Boardwalk Empire and more before he takes over our Twitter account tonight (Oct. 6) during the show. As the menacing right-hand man to Chalky White, actor Erik Laray Harvey has grabbed his screen time on the critically-acclaimed HBO show and ran with it all the way past the goalposts. Laray Harvey plays the role with a deft complexity and energy that is fueled by those thugged-out eyes and hefty bravado, which has allowed him to intertwine himself alongside the show’s main characters. After falling in love with theatre and its ability to “transport one to a world of fantasy,” Laray Harvey was originally contracted to do one episode. He loved the character so much that his performance urged him to cultivate a path that was agreeably picked up by the producers. Most influenced by the legendary Sidney Poitier, the veteran thespian continues to prove, with his skill, that he’s a well crafted and versatile actor. Erik was gracious enough to take some time out to chat with us about his career, his role as Dunn Purnsley, and offers us a little known look into his world that might just surprise you. Be sure to listen to the full chat below:

INTERVIEW: Erik Laray Harvey Talks 'Boardwalk Empire,' Chalky White & Little Known Facts by Kevin L. Clark on Mixcloud

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