Interview: Juvenile Thanks 2 Chainz For Showing Love To Hot Boyz

2013 will undoubtly be known as the year of hip-hop reunions. Everyone from Dame Dash & Jay Z to the Hot Boyz reunited this year. And, there might not be a bigger fan than 2 Chainz.

Just last week (Sept. 25), the ATL rapper invited Lil Wayne, Turk, Mannie Fresh and Juvenile to star in his new video for “Used 2.” Shot in the Hot Boyz hometown of New Orleans, Juvy says he’s nothing but grateful that 2 Chainz called on his family for the appearance.

“We family,” Juvenile tells VIBE. “Me, Wayne, Turk and Mannie—we tryin to show love to my dog B.G. What Chainz did is something that you can’t do nothing but appreciate. That’s something I’m a cherish because when somebody reach out that far to put you and your brothers together that means something to me. My heart goes out to Chainz for showing us love like that.”

Watch the full interview above.