It Ain’t That Bad: 8 Ways to Get Through The Day With a Job You Hate!


Oh to be 20-something carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. I know you may not believe me when I say life gets better, but it does. Hard work, dedication and a whole bunch of paying dues and patience are promised to open the golden gates of success and opportunity. But until then, stop spending your days sulking at your dead end job, and self-sabotaging your dreams! Your life isn’t as bad as you think, and in case it is… here are eight tips to help get you through those dreadful work days.

1. Start Your Day With A Clear Mind
In case you thought meditation was some floozy Zen technique that Russell Simmons created; you’re sort of right, but mostly wrong. Meditational techniques are necessary in establishing some sense of peace and sanity to our over theatrical 20-something lives (esp if we want to see age 30)

Spiraling into MENTAL OVERLOAD is extremely real ladies, so before you kick-start your work day, go for a cleansing morning walk. Gain some clarity and drown out any bad noise before you walk into your office.