It Ain’t That Bad: 8 Ways to Get Through The Day With a Job You Hate!

drinks4. Go Ahead, Drink The Pain Away
Student loan reminders may stand in the way from middle fingering our 9-5 gigs, but until we mustard up the courage to run away, there is a liquid remedy to cure those problems. Think about it this way—if you quit your job, you wouldn’t be able to afford those amazing $5 happy hour specials!

5. Talk Behind Their Backs
Just the thought of your boss calling on you for her next needy demand drives you up a wall! And we all hate the coworker who can’t refrain from over-talking or lashing out sly remarks?  In cases like this, sometimes the best person to vent to is YOU. The moment you want to scream, run to a safe place (bathroom, car, etc.) and use your phone to record your private venting session. This is your moment to go off on everything you hate. It helps to get it all out in video to replay it back for when that same anger recycles. Plus, you’re not accidentally saying too much to the wrong person.