It Ain’t That Bad: 8 Ways to Get Through The Day With a Job You Hate!

woman in art class7. Get A Hobby!
This may not be the “cool” thing to do when we’re dwelling amongst a generation that abides by a code to work ourselves tirelessly, but guess what? There is a big life outside of work! It may feel like your career is the only department that you need to invest in right now, but stop panicking, and start trusting that you’ll get there.

Make it a priority to adopt a fun little hobby. Enroll in an art class, take up a sport, sign up for karate, or do some volunteer work. Whatever your interests, you’ll feel good about yourself when you have stress-free things to help you relax and look forward to after work.

8. Feel Encouraged And Encourage Others
Every morning a good friend of mine sends out encouraging and uplifting affirmations. Before drowning in work emails, reading motivational words instantly puts me in my happy place, which typically makes for the most productive moments. Instagram is full of those self-proclaimed philosophers. Digest a whole bunch of motivational quotes, adopt a theory, and truly start believing that things will get better. Your thoughts determine your reality so make them as positive as can be.