Jamie Foxx, The New Face Of MLK In Upcoming Oliver Stone Biopic

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The Oscar winning actor has teamed up with acclaimed director Oliver Stone yet again, but this time to work on one of Jamie’s most powerful roles yet.

Foxx has been selected to play the role of peaceful civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. The pair previously worked together on Any Given Sunday and have since both received praise for their work on biopic films. Jamie Fox won an Academy Award for Best Actor in 2004 for his depiction of musician Ray Charles in Ray. Oliver Stone was responsible for JFK and Nixon, which were both Oscar nominated box office hits.

Despite there already being a number of films depicting the inspiring story of Dr King, this will be the first production supported by Martin Luther King’s family and with rights to use the footage of his copyrighted speeches. Reports have recently surfaced that DreamWorks is ready to start production of the authorized version of the icon’s story.

In the meantime, director Paul Greengrass and producer Scott Rudin are also in the process of creating an MLK biopic named Memphis, but by the look of how Oliver Stone’s production is coming along, they may find themselves overshadowed.

Photo Credit: Getty