Jerome Derradji’s Still Music ‘Detroit Is Back: In The Dark’ First Listen

Marvin Gaye is quoted as saying “Detroit tuned out to be heaven, but it also turned out to be hell.” For many watching the music mecca decay over the past few years, it’s an easy sentiment to share. And yet, among the rubble: bass thumps and rhythm swings, vital signs among the city’s flattened lines.

Encapsulating Detroit’s music legacy in a single compilation is a fool’s errand. But in 2005, crate-digger supreme Jerome Derradji’s Chicago-based Still Music released the collection In the Dark: The Soul of Detroit and proved itself more than amply suited to the task of telling its sister city’s tale. The label’s latest encyclopedic offering is the double-cd/triple-vinyl set, In the Dark: Detroit is Back, and features a mix of homegrown underground heroes favored by Derradji, including Terrence Dixon, Rick Wilhite, Delano Smith, Amp Fiddler, Alex Isreal, and Marcellus Pittman to name a few.

True to its stated aim, “Detroit is Back” seamlessly culls a broad yet focused and harmonious cross-section of deep techno, soulful house, and various permutations of both. Among the several standout cuts are Todd Mode’s “I’d Rather Be With You”, Terrence Dixon’s “The Fall Guy” Parts 1 and 2, Delano Smith’s “A Message for the DJ”, Alex Israel’s “Bubble Wrap 106″, and Derradji’s own acid mix of Tony Ollivierra’s “Hemogoblin”.

Stream the exclusive VIBE premiere below. In the Dark: Detroit is Back is out on Still Music on October 29, 2013.

Track list CD 1

1 – Craig Huckaby – The Answer Feat Kelly Hayes
2 – Alex Israel – Bubble Wrap 106
3 – Reggie Dokes – Cyber Love
4 – Patrice Scott – Cosmic Rituals
5 – Gabbamonkey – 2 Pace Back
6 – Delano Smith feat. Diamondancer – A Message For The Dj
7 – Todd Modes – I’d Rather Be With You
8 – Patchworks – Celebration Amp Fiddler Rmx
9 – Mike “Agent X” Clark – Free your mind
10 – Raybone Jones & Jon Easley – As She Moves
11 – Rick Wilhite – Magic Water St Jean remix
12 – Tony Ollivierra – Hemoglobin Jerome Derradji Acid Mix

Track list CD 2

1 – Marcellus Pittman – Make It Work
2 – Alex Israel – Cash Neutral
3 – Terrence Dixon – The Fall Guy Pt.1
4 – Keith Worthy – Cyclops
5 – DJ 3000 – Faygo
6 – Gerald Mitchell – Strongholds
7 – Terrence Dixon – The Fall Guy Pt.2
8 – Gabbamonkey – Underlying Dreams
9 – Tony Ollivierra- Hemoglobin
10 – D.L. Jones feat. Amp Fiddler – Lonely
11 – Delano Smith- Inception Dub
12 – Gerald Mitchell – Fly Like Eagles