Justin Bieber Escapes Charges For Speeding And Spitting Cases

Justin Bieber’s bad boy behavior has paid off. The 19-year-old singer dominated headlines this past summer by allegedly spitting on his neighbor and speeding around town in California, but now the Los Angeles District Attorney has let him off the hook.

According to ABC News, the L.A. D.A. has declined to file charges against the Canadian stud.

Official docs from the D.A.’s office say that “the evidence in the speeding case hinged on a videotape, which failed to show that Bieber was in his Ferrari at the time of the alleged incident, in which he was accused of driving at high speeds through his Calabasas, Calif., neighborhood.” Odd Future rapper friend Tyler, the Creator, actually admitted to driving the car on Twitter.

As far as the alleged spit fest goes, the Biebs denied doing it and the courts found the neighbor entering the singer’s property without an invite. Despite reports that JB had made violent threats against his neighbor, docs say his actions “did not rise to the level of a criminal threat.”

Photo Credit: Getty