Kanye West’s 10 Most Controversial Moments This Year (So Far)

CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT KANYE WEST IS DOING RIGHT NOW?! He’s selling T-shirts with the Confederate flag—yes, THE CONFEDERATE FLAG!—on his Yeezus tour stops. Isn’t that outrageous? Isn’t that insane? Isn’t that, er, wait a second…Isn’t that exactly what you would expect Kanye West to do?

Yes, it is. Kanye has built a career off doing and saying controversial things. And that’s been extra evident this year, as he’s seemingly saved his most controversial moments for 2013. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Instead, take a look at our list of the 10 things Kanye West has done this year to create controversy. When it comes to causing a stir, Kanye West is king.