Kanye West: ‘I Ain’t Michael Jackson Motherf*cker!’

Do you love it when Kanye talks his shit, yes or no?

That’s what he was screaming at his fans the other night as he stomped around the L.A. stage in a coat and mask on. Referencing his recent string of interviews, Kanye berated anybody who questioned his “media training” as piano played softly in the background and fans got riled up. “They said, ‘Michael Jackson would never do nothing like that’, I said I ain’t Michael Jackson motherfucker! Richard Pryor woulda did it. Muhammad Ali woulda did it. Malcolm X woulda did it. Mandela woulda did it.”

Finally, at the end of his short outburst, Kanye stood at at the tip of the stage and indirectly alluded to the “visionary” title he’s been calling himself in interviews lately, yelling, “Don’t talk to me like a musician. Don’t talk to me like I’m just a celebrity. Don’t talk to me like that. I don’t give a fuck who you are!” Then he dramatically hopped off stage and walked through the crowd.

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