Kanye West: ‘The World Can Be Saved Through Design’

Yeezy’s got a lot to say these days. Before a couple shows in the Bay Area, Kanye went on to 99.7 NOW! in San Francisco to talk about how he approaches creativity, competition, and design in the modern age.

“What if everybody really came together? We could start with just the brands and the corporations in America, let alone the entire globe. I think the world can be saved through design, because design is about form and function, solution, problem solving. It’s not about politics, and the politics are what slow everything down.” He goes on to cite Steve Jobs (somebody’s been loving that biography) and his vision for design as a positive force in the world before revealing that he wanted to work with Gap, but he couldn’t get past the politics.

He tells St. John that the Yeezus Tour sold $83,000 of merch the first night before listing all the places where he’s lived: Chicago, China, Paris, Atlanta, and L.A., to name a few. “I’ve stayed in areas where I was known as the black kid, and I’ve stayed in areas where I was known as the kid who wasn’t in a gang and lived in the suburbs.” He also names high-ups that he’s talked with at corporations: Ana Wintour, Ben Horowitz, Bob Iger, Oprah.

Ye calls the Kardashian family “masters of media” while labeling his own DONDA family as “masters of arts and culture”, and he sees both groups combining for “an extremely educated perspective…to get as close to people who are amazing as possible.” He also complimented San Fran on the atmosphere of collaboration in the city while numerously saying that he’d like to move to the Bay Area.

Watch the entire fascinating conversation below.

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