Kendrick Lamar Dances With Chucky From ‘Child’s Play’

What were you doing last night? Chances are, you weren’t dancing around and fist-fiving with Chucky from Child’s Play. Kendrick Lamar was.

K. Dot took a break from his BET cypher hype to enjoy a night out at Universal Studios Hollywood. The theme park is currently transformed for their Halloween Horror Nights where a life-size Chucky — with bloody knife in tow — roams searching to transfer his soul into the body of wandering rappers.

Kendrick hammed it up with the beloved horror villain, even dancing with him a bit. Check out the footage below.

Fun fact: Believe it or not, but the Child’s Play franchise, introduced in 1988, is on its sixth film. Curse of Chucky was released this year to meh reviews, but, low key, that doll is still freaky.