Kenna Seeing In Threes on New EPs

Forget seeing double. In the lead-up to his third LP, Kenna is suffering from triple vision, so to speak.

To understand Kenna’s upcoming new music, it’s best to envision an outline, like the one you’d have to write out for essays in school. The Virginia Beach native is releasing three EPs under the Land 2 Air Chronicles umbrella in the lead up to his third, as-yet-untitled, album for Dim Mak. The first EP, Land 2 Air Chronicles I: Chaos and the Darkness, dropped in 2011 with its follow-up Land 2 Air Chronicles II: Imitation Is Suicide Chapter 1 touching down this past September. But, this is where things take an unexpected turn for another third. His second EP in a series of three EPs has its own three chapters — kinda like another three EPs inside one EP, kind of like that movie Inception where there was a dream within a dream. This all kind of makes our heads want to explode, but then we put on Land 2 Air Chronicles II: Imitation Is Suicide Chapter 2, the second EP within the second EP leading up to Kenna’s third LP that was recently released, and we remember why we even cared in the first place. Follow?

“I just feel like number three is such a complete number, and I’m kind of coming to a point where I’m completing a movement for myself,” says the artist and MySpace Creative Director. “It’s a vision I had for myself for a very long time and I’m just bringing it to life.”

Listen to Kenna explain it best in the video above.