Kerry Washington Named Creative Consultant and Spokesperson for Neutrogena


Kerry Washington continues her Hollywood takeover with a major endorsement deal. Today, the scandalous actress was announced as Neutrogena’s newest celebrity spokesperson. In addition to appearing in ads and commercials for the skincare brand, Washington will also serve as Creative Consultant and assist in developing new products.

“For me, the creative consultant role is also fun because I get to bring my fans on this adventure with me. They know that I’m not just telling them that I’m passionate about a product because I have to say that contractually. They know that I have a voice in the company and that I’m discovering and learning more about skin health all the time and giving the company feedback,” the secretly wed star says of her new gig.

We can only hope to have skin as smooth as Olivia Pope. Vixens, who else would you like to see totin’ Neutrogena products?

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