Kerry Washington: ‘Scandal’ Would’ve Handled Government Shutdown

While Washington D.C. continues to experience real-life drama over government funding, the #gladiators will be tuned in tonight for the return of Scandal.

The show’s trench coated leading lady Kerry Washington, who plays political fixer Olivia Pope in the ABC hit, recently hosted a panel “She’s Making Media: Kerry Washington” panel Wednesday (Oct. 2) at the Paley Center for Media in New York City and weighed in on the nation’s current problem: the government shutdown.

“I don’t know what Olivia would do, but I think in Olivia’s world Cyrus would have handled it way before she would have to get involved,” she said, according to E! News.

A public supporter of Barack Obama, Kerry saluted the Commander-in-Chief for his efforts. “I think our president is doing an extraordinary job,” she said, “and I think its really unfortunate that so many people are without work right now at a time where a lot of people can’t afford it, and I wish that Congress can be more cooperative.”

Kerry also dished on her recent secret wedding.. sorta. “I hate keeping secrets; that is the worst thing for me, because I always want to talk about it,” she said. But? “I am really private about my personal life.”

Spoken like a true Pope.