Lady Gaga Wears Thong on New Cover for R. Kelly Collaboration


Days after Kim Kardashian shared a tush-appreciating photo of herself on Instagram (even CNN reported on it), Lady Gaga shows off her own derriere.

The cover art for Mother Monster’s new single, “Do What U Want,” shows the pop singer’s behind while she wears nothing but a floral thong. The outfit isn’t a giant departure for Gaga. She wore something similar during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

“Do What U Want” is the third single from Gaga’s third LP, ARTPOP. The track features R&B legend R. Kelly and can be heard in the new Best Buy commercial for Beats By Dre headphones. The full song officially drops on Monday (Oct. 21) at 12:01AM.

ARTPOP is scheduled for a Nov. 8 release.