Lorde On Miley Cyrus Comparisons: ‘I Find It So Stupid’

Lorde came in like a wrecking ball when she knocked Miley Cyrus out of the top spot on iTunes with her smash hit “Royals” earlier this month and more recently, on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts with her debut Pure Heroine. Though the #Smilerz (Miley’s e-legion akin to Rihanna’s #Navy) tried to wage war against the 16-year-old New Zealand native on Twitter, the two threw their mutual like for each other’s work out into the World Wide Web.

“@lordemusic why r people so mean??? Ps your music is awesome,” the “We Can’t Stop” singer tweeted in September while on the other side of the screen, Lorde wrote, “new miley is SO on point with verse and pre-chorus melodies.”

It’s hard not to make comparisons given the two young voiceboxes share a passion for their craft and innate ability to dominate the pop charts. But ask Lorde what separates her from Miley and she may take it as a call to arms.

“I find that really strange that people keep trying to compare us or put us together,” she told VIBE. “It’s this weird thing in pop like, ‘Lets get all the females to compete.’ I find it so stupid.”

Though Lorde recognizes that her sonic style is different from that of Cyrus’ (“obviously her music is more hip-hop influenced than mine is”), the idea of merging their pop powers may never be entertained.

 “I’m not sure,” Lorde said when asked if she would ever do a collaboration with the twerking ruckus-starter. “I don’t know if it would ever come up.”It may not be a flat-out no, but the Internets have a funny way of forging their own remixes. Cases in point: Papoose and The Weeknd, who superimposed themselves on “Royals.”

Lorde admits that she’s never heard of Papoose or the remix (sorry, bruh) but she sang her praises for The Weeknd.

“I really admire what he does and he tells it,” she explained, “how you get his music and the whole things in the beginning, I think it was so clever.”—Adelle Platon

Cop Pure Heroine on iTunes here.

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