Marijuana Sold And Smoked Freely In North Korea?

Imagine being able to grow marijuana on the side of the road with no issues. This isn’t California; it’s North Korea, where you might not be able to surf the web freely, but in certain parts, you are allowed to light up wherever you want.

Vice’s Darmon Richter recently visited the country where people see marijuana not as a hallucinatory or dangerous drug, but something that can relax people after a long day and also act as medicine for those in pain. With the help of a North Korean intelligence officer, Richter gained access to a locals-only food market where weed was sold next to chocolate and toys by the grocery bag at a ridiculous discount. The bud is grown in the mountains and doesn’t quite pack the same potent punch that American tree does, so it’ll take a couple doobies to really start feeling something.

Could this be the future of state-legalized marijuana in America – going to the grocery store to pick up dinner and some weed? It’s a long ways away, but if North Korea can give citizens this kind of freedom, surely we aren’t too far behind.

via kotaku

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