Q&A: Melanie Fiona Discusses New Video ‘Cold Piece’, Working With Pepsi And Upcoming Album

With Melanie Fiona’s new visual “Cold Piece” (above) chilling on the Internets courtesy of Pepsi and Complex today, VIBE sat with the Toronto-bred songstress about the cold-hearted fella that inspired the piece, the concept behind the video and the new album she has in the works.—Megan Saad

VIBE: Was “Cold Piece” inspired by a real-life relationship?
Melanie Fiona: Well absolutely! Everything is inspired by cold-hearted guys! It’s not really an official single, just a song I did with producer Alan English from the U.K. We just caught a vibe and I had some things I needed to say. I definitely was reflecting on past relationships and what it was that I really wanted to get off my chest. I feel like “Cold Piece” is the representation of loving and learning and being like ‘Okay I get it, I can understand what happened and I can look back on it and I’m fine.’

From the looks of the behind-the-scenes, you take a more light-hearted approach for the song’s visual. Where did the concept come from?
The concept came from my life really, just where I’m at. I reside in Brooklyn right now. I love New York, I love summer and I love that record. I wanted to do something that was fun. I think that people have seen videos of me where they’ve been very dramatic and emotional but also very real. I wanted people to still get the real me. It’s not this different version of Melanie Fiona; it’s just the 2013 version. It’s true to who I am, it’s true to what I’m living, listening to and loving, and what my life looks like, minus the ice cream truck. I don’t really own an ice cream truck, although I wish I did. It’s about having a good time with people and vibing. They are my real friends in the video, like artists Mateo, Ro James and Luke James. These are my people that I called on and I was like ‘Hey, can you come through?’ I wanted it to be authentic and to be real. It wasn’t like shooting a music video at all.

How did you partner with Pepsi?
Honestly it was at a party! I’ve done things with Pepsi prior; I did the Billboard Michael Jackson Tribute at Gotham Hall here in New York. I have known a couple of people from Pepsi. Then of course Complex was familiar with me from doing interviews. I was at a day party that was going on and all the reps were there. We all saw each other again and they were like ‘We love what you’re doing. Let’s get on a call and have a meeting and talk about what we can do together.’ I think the beautiful thing about this song and this record is there’s no pressure. Everything happened so organically that that’s just what I want people to feel from it.

You worked with Drake on your last project. What are your thoughts on Nothing Was The Same?
I’m a bad Canadian I haven’t listened to it yet but I did download it. I have to ease my way into new music because I get so engulfed in certain projects and I can’t move off of them. When everybody was on Jay Z’s Magna Carta, I was still on the J. Cole and when everyone was on the J Cole, I was still on the Kendrick Lamar. I’m still behind a cycle. The only thing I love to listen to everyday is the Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience Volume 1.

Is a new album in the works? What can we expect?
Absolutely. I’m definitely working on album number three and it’s a blast to be able to do it. I’m going to definitely release that next year. I’m just getting myself together. This year I’ve just taken to being creative, experimenting, traveling and being inspired. I feel like you need inspiration when you’re working on a new project. I’ve been doing placements and writing with other people. Solange and I did a song on her project Lovers In The Parking Lot. It’s fun to be able to be creative right now and prepare what I want to do for the next project. In the meantime ‘Cold Piece’ is out and I’m going to be putting out some more music for the fans in between then the album next year. I feel like it’s going to most definitely be my best work yet because I feel like I’m my best self now.

Photo Credit: Getty